Photo: Formula E - Simon Galloway

Vergne: “If we want a chance at winning the championship we need to wake up”

Jean-Éric Vergne took third in Round Eight of the Formula E Championship as the drivers took to the Berlin track for the second time this weekend.

It was the Frenchman’s third podium of the season and even with a sore throat, was in good spirits to celebrate his results.

“I’m very happy with the podium result and I think the race would’ve ended up in any other way quite easily, looking at how difficult it is in down in the pack,

“Every time I would go down to fifth or sixth I knew I needed to come back and attack to stay in the top three, top four to kind of stay away from trouble.”

The DS Penske driver thought it would be Avalanche Andretti’s Jake Dennis who would take the victory.

“Well done to Nick, I find it amazing how he could stay in the lead and not have the deficiency compared to Jake behind.

“I was certain that Jake was gonna win that race and I’m amazed those guys are really really strong.”

Reflecting on the championship chances, Vergne feels if they are still in with a chance of winning the championship, the team needs to improve because their rivals are setting down a challenge.

“If we want a chance at winning the championship we need to wake up and we need to improve because they are in a different league at the moment.”

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