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Dennis: “I needed this for my team and the Championship”

Jake Dennis has taken his first Formula E podium since Round Three in Diriyah, by finishing second at the Tempelhof Circuit.  The Andretti driver started in seventh place and reached the top three in a thrilling race that went all the way to the wire.

After only finishing in 18th  place yesterday in the first of two races in Berlin, the Briton ensured he scored some great points for the team,  and could’ve taken the win had it not been for Nick Cassidy’s defending.

He enjoyed the result, but it certainly wasn’t an easy one to achieve.

“(It was a) difficult race for sure. I felt after all the instances I’ve had over the past couple of months, I really got sort of bullied.”

“Turn nine was a disaster for me. Everyone was just dive-bombing me and it was either turn in as if they weren’t there or just move out of the way.

“There just became a point where I just couldn’t keep accepting that. So it was sort of elbows out and then take the risk.”

He also felt the team played a smart strategy and did a good job, but Cassidy was too fast.

“Nevertheless we were smart with the attack mode when we needed to (use it) because it was quite costly at certain stages of the race, but we were still good on energy.

“Full credit to Nick, I don’t think any of us really had the efficiency to do what he did, that’s why we didn’t pass him.

“With the last eight laps to go, the targets were just too high. The lift points were too small to go for the move. It was too high risk, especially in my situation where we’ve had four or five DNFs in a row now.

“So to be back on the podium (…) we can build on this now going back to Monaco where, I’m sure it’ll be a bit more of a normal race and not so energy limited.”

He was very pleased with the result after the disappointment yesterday.

“I think just for full morale of the team it was quite a deep dark place yesterday after the crash with Antonio, I could see everyone quite down and it wasn’t a great place so I needed this for my team and the championship.

“It was great to see the team so happy at the end, it felt like a win for us.”

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