F1’s Pat Symonds: “There is no harm in having more cars, providing their quality”

Formula 1’s Chief Technical officer Pat Symonds and William Toet would both like to see a 12-team grid in Formula One as the discussion over the future rule changes in the series heat up.

Speaking at the Autosport International Show, Pat Symonds said that one of the main targets with the new engine rules is to get more teams interested in joining the series, something that he believes should only happen if they are a perfect fit.

“ In terms of teams thats a different matter, I will welcome new teams but I think we are just perfectly well with just 20 cars, there is no harm in having more cars, providing their quality. We don’t want to get back to seeing the HRT thing of 2011 or whenever it was, but you know the sport is a pedigree success story.


Formula One aerodynamicist William Toet also shared his thoughts on expanding the F1 grid.

“From the perspective of say a fan who wants a healthy Formula 1, I would love to see say 12 teams. The current teams will always vote against another team coming in because we’ve got the budget earned by Formula 1 management, half of that being divided amongst the teams, divided by 12 will be smaller than divided by 10. So the teams will always vote against, but I think in order that no one team can hold the sport to ransom and that you have let’s say a healthy balance within the sport, with that I would personally I would love to see, say 12 teams,- but they all have to be strong, they have to be close.”


When talking about new teams being rejected by the rest of the Formula 1 grid, they are likely to be referring to F1’s potential newcomer Andretti, who are teaming up with Cadillac. There planned 2026 entry, seemingly upsetting the rest of the paddock, as the prize fund would shrink based on the current model.


It is a positive sign that such a powerful figure in Formula 1 is open to expansion in the field of cars though. They both discussed the fact if the teams coming in could generate a larger pot than the 10 teams in Formula 1 it would make accepting them ‘easy’. It’s definitely something that is worth keeping an eye on in the next few seasons.


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