Photo: Formula E - Simon Galloway

Evans: “I knew it was going to be chaos but that was on another level”

Mitch Evans claimed victory in the Berlin e-Prix, making it two wins in a row for the Jaguar TCS driver.

However, the Berlin Tempelhoff Airport Street Circuit has not been a kind place to the team in the past, with their horrible run of results being ended by the side’s first 1-2 finish in Formula E, making this win even sweeter for Evans:

“This place has haunted us many times, obviously heading into the race I’ve been on the backfoot when it comes to pace over one lap, so I didn’t qualify where I would have liked compared to the other Jaguars.

“I knew starting within the top ten, you were still within a shot of a good result as we have seen in the past few races. ”


With 23 changes for the race lead and eight different drivers in first at some point over the race, it was nothing short of chaotic, even for the drivers on track:

“I knew it was going to be chaos but that was on another level. To navigate yourself through people backing up in front of you, it causes a massive concertina effect and people trying to not take you out and trying to overtake you where they are not meaning to was a bit extreme”


The lead of the race is usually the place to be for all drivers on the grid. However, in this race, nobody actually wanted to be out front until the final lap due to how challenging it was to lead the race:

“Anything is possible in this category of racing, I found myself in the lead a little too early with like 17 laps left to go. I had good place but it was going to be a little too long.

“Fortunately I had good pace and I was able to dictate a little bit of where I wanted to be.”

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