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Bird: “It’s going to be very difficult and a test to keep the car moving in the direction you want it too”

Sam Bird claimed second place in the opening Berlin e-Prix race of the weekend. However, with the weather looking to be more on the damp side on Sunday, a wet race is very much in the realm of possibility. Bird doesn’t have much confidence in how the new Hankook tyres will work in the wet, however, he was full of praise of them in the dry so far this season:

“The Hankook tyre, honestly, I think it’s created some fantastic racing this season but if it’s wet tomorrow, it’s going to be very difficult and a test to keep the car moving in the direction you want it to.

“We will work with the engineers tonight to come up with a plan so we know what to do when it turns wet. We have got some ideas that we will try and look if it’s wet it will be the same for everyone else”


Jaguar’s first 1-2 is a historic moment for the team and with the result coming on a track that they haven’t had the best success on in the past, Bird thinks it’s the team’s best day ever in Formula E:

“It’s amazing for the Jaguar TCS Racing team. It was our best day ever, but it was a really tricky race actually. It’s a very difficult game of chess out there and nobody really wants to be out front for a long period of time.

“You have different people moving around in the top five or six and it’s about positioning yourself as well as you can at the right time.


Bird believes that the ghost of Tempelhof for the team is well and truly gone and that his close working relationship with his teammate, Mitch Evans, has helped the team claim two double podiums in a row.

“Yeah, I think we can say that it’s gone. We’ve been quick everywhere we have gone and for numerous reasons, at times we haven’t delivered what we could do, but at the past few races we have started to showcase what we are made off.

“Me and Mitch are working extremely well together, pushing each other hard so it’s working really well. “

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