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Verstappen: “I’m just happy to get my first pole here”

Qualifying at Monaco is always a highlight of the Motorsports year, as we see the very best pushed to their absolute limits with the goal of setting the perfect lap to take the pole at one of the trickiest circuits on the Formula 1 calendar.

Max Verstappen was the driver to achieve this yesterday, with a masterful final sector to take the pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix, one that is considered the most crucial on the F1 calendar.

Speaking after qualifying, Verstappen wasn’t in agreement when asked if it was the best pole position of his career so far.

“No, I don’t think so, but it was good enough. And I’m just happy to get my first pole here. You know, it’s always super hectic. And finally, you know, we also had just clean running in Q3 as well, so that was nice for everyone to just push to the limit.”


Verstappen also shared the secret to his fast final sector, admitting that there were a few knocks along the way.

“Touched a few walls! Guard rails and walls. And yeah, I mean, I was always quite quick in the last sector but yeah, I definitely pushed a bit harder on the last lap.”


The two-time World Champion also said that Monaco doesn’t suit the RB19’s strong characteristics, despite their Championship lead and his pole position for the race.

“I mean, the race should be OK. It’s just about having a clean start. I mean, there’s always chaos involved in Monaco. But I think our race pace, in general the behaviour of the car on the tyres is fine. But it was all about just putting that together over one lap, which I knew was going to be a little bit harder for us here in Monaco, just with how our car is, the characteristics of it. But still to be first here is great for the whole team.”


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