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Vergne: “The real target here is to leave with no regrets”

Jean-Éric Vergne is currently third in the Formula E Driver’s standings, however, he is not thinking about adding to the two Championships that he already has to his name.

“The truth is that we are only halfway through the season and there is so much that can happen as we have seen in the past. So together, both myself and the team, we are not thinking about the championship but we are trying to bring good updates to help our performance and try to maximise every race we have.”


With so many overtakes taking place in Berlin, and the expectation that Monaco will be up to the same level as chaos, it might be entertaining for the fans, but for Vergne, he is finding it tough.

“Previous races don’t really tell you what will happen in the next race, so it’s almost impossible to predict who can win this race. The only thing that I can do is focus on my job and the job that we have as a team.

“We will try to perform as well as possible. I have always said that if you have a good car and that you leave the weekend with no regrets in terms of your set-up choice, your qualifying performance and the race performance, you’re never too far off the top.”

“The real target here is to leave with no regrets and do everything in our power to maximise the amount of points that we can score.”

“Racing this season has been a little bit different than in previous seasons and it’s very difficult at the moment. Trying to understand how everybody races in comparison to last season is tricky.”


The Monaco circuit is iconic amongst motorsport and with this event only having one race, there will be a winner of the city unlike last time out in Berlin. Verge appears to prefer this because you can claim the title of the winner of that city until the next time racing takes place there.

“It’s history, legacy and the thing is that if you win Berlin, you’re not really the winner of Berlin because you have another race the day after. So who is technically the winner of Berlin because nobody really remembers?

“Mitch won a race, and it’s true, I actually forgot that he won the first race because there was another race with another podium and that the difficulty of the two race weekends because there isn’t really a winner of that city.


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