Top 5 Formula One Adverts – The Good, The Bad & The Cringe!

With Formula One being on TV, it allows various brands to create adverts to try and capture the Formula One audience’s attention, and what better way than to include F1 drivers themselves.

So here at The Apex Motorsport, we have chosen our top five funniest/worst and even cringe-worthy F1 adverts of all time, and if we left your favourite out comment it below and we might just make a part two at a later stage.

Number 5 – Jenson Button – Santander

When you sponsor a team that includes the 2009 Formula One World Champion Jenson Button, you know that he will be up for a laugh, but I think if he knew what he was getting himself into he might have had second thoughts.

This advert is so bad its funny and there are very few drivers on the current F1 grid that might consider doing something like this. Maybe next year’s McLaren line-up of Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo could re-create it.

Number 4 – Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso – Mercedes-Benz

McLaren has always been one of the best teams for letting their drivers appear in adverts, and the 2007 pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso produced one of the most iconic F1 adverts of all time. Combining the competitive nature of Formula One, the driver’s best acting skills, and a cameo from Mikka Hakkinen, it created an advert that showed the relationship the two drivers had before it broke down weeks after this advert was filmed.

Here is Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso’s Mercedes Benz advert

Number 3 – Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg – Mercrdes Benz

Mercedes-Benz produced another great advert but this with their own line-up of Works drivers Schumacher and Roseberg and this one was chaotic, funny but once again showed the competitive nature of Formula One.

It creates a bizarre scenario when a woman that is about to give birth has to deal with the car breaking down, but luckily not one but two Formula One drivers come to their rescue. Then the question is asked, who will get them to the hospital the quickest

Here is Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes-Benz advert

Number 2 – Murray Walker and Damon Hill – Pizza Hut

When you let one of the most historic voices in Formula One go to pizza hut with Damon Hill in the year that he would win his first and only World Driver’s Championship, it would be a recipe for an iconic advert.

With Walker commentating over their trip to Pizza hut, Murrayisms all included, it created a very cringe-worthy yet funny moment for F1 fans around the world, but I don’t hill Damon Hill was too pleased with Murray getting the last laugh.

Only Murray Walker can make a Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza sound so good.

Here is Murray Walker and Damon Hill’s Pizza Hut advert

Number 1 – Mark Webber – Canberra Milk

If Mark Webber is your F1 hero I would recommend stop watching now. One thing you don’t expect to see on your TV screens is an F1 driver singing, but Mark Webber did exactly that…very very badly.

Promoting Canberra Milk, sang what was a rather catchy tune, but for all the wrong reasons. I would love to know how many takes this took as im sure it would have been very hard for anyone on set to remain serious throughout.

I’m just glad that he is a pundit on Channel 4 and not a judge on The Voice or something.

Here is Mark Webber’s Canberra Milk advert