Simon Roberts to leave Williams with current CEO Jost Captio becoming Team Principal

Simon Roberts will leave Williams Racing after his role of Racing Director no longer exists after an internal restructure at the Grove-based team. Current CEO Jost Capito will now become Team Principal and the trackside management duties have been absorbed by Technical Director Francois-Xavier Demaison. The role which Demaison has taken up puts him in charge of the technical aspects across both the factory and the race track.

Roberts joined Williams in June 2020, originally in the role of Managing Director. He then took over as acting Team-Principal when the Williams family sold the team in August 2020. He was then made permanent Team-Principal at the end of December.

CEO Jost Captio said, “Simon has played an integral role in managing the transition over the last 12 months and I would like to thank him for his great contribution during that time,”

The departing Roberts also commented, “It has been a pleasure to take on the role of Team Principal following the departure of the Williams family from the sport. However, with the transition well underway I am looking forward to a new challenge and wish everyone in the team well for the future.”

The new era for Williams is well underway with the restructure also marking 100 days since Captio joined the team. It is the start of a long-term strategy at the team and improvements on the track have already been made. The real effects for the new management won’t really take shape until next season, but the Williams name remains on the grid – for now anyway – and things are looking bright for the nine-time World Champions