Goodwood FoS: Marvin Kirchoff in the McLaren Solus GT fastest up the hill

Marvin Kirchoff would be the fastest person up the Goodwood Hill on Sunday as he beat out Travis Pastrana.

The competitors in the Sunday shootout only really had one dry run up the hill before Sunday, with conditions on Friday being extremely wet, and the event being cancelled altogether on Saturday.

The Rimac Nevero of Zrncevic Mrgud was the car to get things started as it took off like a Rocketship, in a run that wasn’t conservative at all, with the Rimac setting a time of 49.320s to set the target time for the rest.

The third car up was the McLaren Solus GTĀ  with Marvin Kirchhoff at the wheel, and he was really sending it with some understeer around turn one, and the car twitching as he headed up the hill setting a time of 45.342s as he jumped to the top of the times in the brand new car.

Adam Smalley was one of the favorites as he was chucking the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car up the hill and he was right on pace with the McLaren until the last sector as he would only set a of 47.403s and would finish fourth in the standings.

Classic Race Michael Lyons would go up the Hill in the McLaren Cosworth M26 and would set a respectable time of 46.896s to finish third.

Jake Hill as ever at Goodwood was fully committed as usual in the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, as he used every inch of the circuit to try to beat the McLaren, but it was only good enough to finish fifth in the standings with a time of 48.183s.

Travis Pastrana in the 1983 Subaru GL family Huckster was sliding around every corner like it was Gymkhana, but even with his full commitment, he couldn’t beat the McLaren with a time of 46.375s from the Subaru as he would finish second.

Therefore, the Mclaren Solus GT on its debut at Goodwood would be the fastest car up the Hill at the hands of Marvin Kirchhoff.

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