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Cassidy: “I’ve nothing against Berlin, but this one is pretty special”

Nick Cassidy of Envision Racing made it two wins out of two as he won the Monaco e-Prix ahead of Mitch Evans (Jaguar TCS) and Jake Dennis (Avalanche Andretti). Post-race he was struggling to get his head around what had just happened, with the circuit being so iconic in the motorsport world.

“It’s really cool, it’s a massive moment for me, I’m a bit speechless. ”


After winning last time out in Berlin, Cassidy put himself right back into title contention, and now with this win in Monaco, he was gone to the top of the standings.

“I’ve nothing against Berlin, but this one is pretty special. It’s probably going to take until tonight for it to sink in.”


The scenes from Berlin where nobody wanted to lead the race were not replicated to the same level in Monaco, but an element of it still remained. This is something that drivers are having to think about as part of their overall race strategy.

“I definitely lead too early at points, I was too aggressive at points. I’m still developing my craft, and I think these guys (Evans and Dennis) are too and it got to a stage where I knew I was fighting Mitch (Evans) and Jake (Dennis) for the win, but I had to think about how I position myself and what moves that I was going to make.

“We obviously saw the last few laps and the result was done by that point, but that down to all the work from the previous 20 laps”

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