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Aston Martin: F1 2023 Season Review

Aston Martin, the team who race in British racing green and an iconic name in the world of motorsport finished in fifth this season.

Let us take a look through the team’s 2023 season and see what happened.


The season started strong for Aston Martin with Fernando Alonso finishing third in the opening race of the season behind the two Red Bull Drivers who would ultimately end up finishing 1-2 in the drivers’ standings.

The podium appearances from Alonso didn’t end there though he appeared on the podium four times in the first five races of the season. 

This set some high hopes for the team as they thought they had found a car and driver who would be battling for the front place spots, however, his teammate Lance Stroll wasn’t doing so well and whilst Alonso was taking home the trophies Stroll was battling to claim points and make it into the top 10.


For a long duration of the season, it was Aston Martin battling the Mercedes for second place in the constructor standings making for an entertaining season for the fans to watch.

But, as time went by Aston Martin seemed to lose their flow as they dropped off the podium and off the mark. With multiple races of struggling performances, challenging races and no longer battling for the podium the dreams of being the second-place team in the constructors came to an end.


In Monaco, Fernando Alonso was back on the podium and this time taking the silver medal but by Silverstone, the podium appearances seemed to come to an end.

Or so we thought as the season reached its final few races Alonso put in a good effort at Sao Paulo where he took the third-place spot with his teammate Stroll in fifth.

But in the end, the team’s dream of finishing second in the constructors came to an end as they ended up finishing in fifth behind Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren.


In conclusion, Aston Martin had a strong start to the season but, did they start the season too strong? Some would argue they did because they didn’t end up battling it out for the top two in the constructors others would argue they tried their hardest to keep pushing throughout the season.

At the end of the day it is Aston Martin who finished in fifth place after what had hoped to be a top-three contention season for them. 

Moving forward the team keep the same drivers as they set their sites on 2024 with the hopes of earning even more points and finishing further up in both the drivers and constructors championships.


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